This effect stretches the audio in real time according to the value of the automation. This can be used to add weird groove feeling to the loop.

The “grid” value changes the amount of steps in the main UI element.

“swing” control adds gradual time stretches on all 4 quarters. “noise” control adds random values (for 128 steps mode only)

“grain” knob changes grain size. “auto” button sets grain size according to the tempo and the selected grid. “gr env” changes the amount of envelope that changes the grain size.


midi spiral control

This small utility can help you to control 2 parameters with one controller.

The “Control” knob moves the orange dot in 2d space on a spiral trajectory. The resulting control values are the dot’s coordinates.

The movement on the 2d spiral can be slowed down with “Speed” control.

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FractalDrum I

Percussive monophonic maxforlive synth that uses “fractal” noise generator and single sideband frequency shifter with envelopes. Good for very high sounds.

Dirty, aliased, sound depends on the samplerate.

Max 6 only.

and a small addition:

FractalKick I

Simple kick drum synth that uses one sine oscilator with fm-feedback and “fractal” non-linear feedback (with the addition of 2 onepole hp-lp filters) similar to previous synth

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With this software your macbook trackpad or magic trackpad works as midi-controller.
The trackpad is divided in 4 sections, each one sends coordinates of a touch.
The “MIDI Learn” window can help to map controller in Ableton Live etc.


Works under Mac OS 10.5+
Made with Max 6 and fingerpinger object.

Source (max patch, messy):Trackpad4.beta1.source

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some recent stuff for M4L

Some recent stuff for M4L:

1. D16 – 16×16 delay matrix synced with tempo


2. GD – groove delay. The first one that i’ve planned: just shifts the sound according to pattern.


3. MD – simple waveshaping that uses 32768 samples of audiofile as a transfer function.


And some more stuff (sorry for the mess) that could be (hopefully) useful:


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